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德國 ibidiSiron Biotech 兩家優質生技公司,聯手推出「穩定細胞株客製化服務」,以嚴謹的管控與驗證流程,確保送達您手中的細胞具有優異的品質與穩定性,成為您取得高再現性實驗數據的穩定助力!服務內容包含下列品項,歡迎洽詢伯森業務專員索取服務詳情。

  • LifeAct-GFP/RFP expressing cell pools
  • Cell pools for protein overexpression/knockdown
  • Cell pools for simultaneous expression of two or more proteins
  • FACS of stable cell pools
  • Clonal cell line service


LifeAct-GFP/RFP expressing cell pools: Bright field and fluorescence images of stably transfected Normal Human Dermal Fibroblasts (NHDF) expressing LifeAct-RFP.
Cell pools for protein overexpression/ knockdown: Western Blot showing the expression of two splice variants of a glycolytic enzyme in stable THP-1 cell pools (Lanes 4 and 5), both of which are not expressed in the parental cell line (lanes 3). Lanes 1 and 2 show positive controls.
Cell pools for simultaneous expression of two or more proteins: Stable murine 4T1 cell pool simultaneously expressing RFP and GFP from two different vectors.
FACS of stable cell pools: Histograms showing a stable HT-1080 cell line, generated using LifeAct-TagGFP2, before (middle) and after (top) FACS in comparison to HT-1080 wt cells (bottom). Through the use of FACS, a homogeneous cell population with more than 95% of fluorescent cells was obtained.
Clonal cell line service: Caco-2 cells are used as an in vitro model of the human small intestinal mucosa to predict the absorption of orally administered drugs. In order to understand mechanisms of drug efflux better, SIRION BIOTECH generated a Caco-2 cell line with stable knockdown of P-Glycoprotein 1 (pgp1) of more than 80% over 20 passages.
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