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友善列印repliQa HiFi Assembly Mix

  • 高效率重組基因構築試劑,可將任何 DNA 片段無縫接合至任一載體,無多餘序列產生,且不需使用到限制酶。

  • 僅需 1 小時即可快速將多達 6 個 DNA 片段嵌合至載體中;若僅需嵌合 <3 個 DNA 片段,則反應時間更可縮短至 15 分鐘完成。

  • 十倍濃縮試劑設計,可容納更多 DNA 樣本體積,操作更便利。

  • 廣泛適用於各種勝任細胞,且反應產物不需經過任何額外純化或稀釋步驟,即可直接進行 Transformation 反應。

  • 最佳化配方設計,展現高 Transformation 效率,讓研究人員取得更多菌落數量 ( colonies ) 。

  • 用途多元,包含 Molecular cloning 、 Site-directed mutagenesis 、 Synthetic biology 、 Directed evolution 等。



Dilution of the assembly reaction is not required – high transformation efficiency, less hands-on time. Three DNA fragments containing 23 bp overlaps were generated by PCR, DpnI treated and purified. The three fragments, 4.2 kb, 3.1 kb, and 400 bp in size, were combined in a 1:1.4:5 molar ratio. Total DNA quantities used are indicated (x-axis) and reacted at 50 °C for 60 minutes according to the protocol. 1 µl of the undiluted assembled products or 1 µl of a 4-fold dilution of the assembled products was used to transform 30 µl of chemically competent cells.
High transformation efficiency results in greater number of fragments. PCR fragments containing 30 bp overlaps were DpnI treated, purified, and assembled according to the protocol. Reactions contained the indicated number of DNA fragments (0.1 pmol each) and were incubated at 50 °C for 60 minutes. 1 µl of the reactions were used to transform 30 µl of chemically competent cells.



Product Pack Size Cat. No.
repliQa HiFi Assembly Mix 10 reactions QB-95190-010
50 reactions QB-95190-050


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