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友善列印Western Blot Enhancing Kit

  • 內含獨特 "Millenium Enhancer" 試劑,可藉由增強抗原與抗體之間的親合性進而提高偵測靈敏度。
  • 可搭配市面上任一款化學冷光偵測試劑使用。



One ng of purified Rabbit muscle GAPDH was serially diluted to 1 attogram and electrophoresis was performed. The gel was transferred to a PVDF membrane, and then cut in the middle. The right section was treated with Millennium Enhancer, and the left was untreated. Immunoblotting was done using a primary antibody (clone 6C5) and HRP conjugated rabbit anti-mouse antibody, and chemiluminescent substrates were applied. A film exposed for two minutes is shown above. 10-11 g of antigen without treatment and 10-14 g of GAPDH with treatment gave similar signal strengths, indicating a 1000-fold enhancement*.
* Fold enhancement varied from a few- to a 1000-fold depending on the characteristics of antibodies and antigen used.



Product Pack Size Cat. No.
Western Blot Enhancing Kit for 1200 cm2 blot BC-K3172120
for 2500 cm2 blot BC-K3172250


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