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  • 適合 Antisense Oligo、Plasmid DNA、siRNA/miRNA duplex 的活體核酸運送 (轉染) 實驗。
  • 超低細胞毒性,注射後對老鼠生理 (心輸出量) 產生的影響性遠低於生理食鹽水。
  • 獨家特殊配方,不需搭配使用 Polymer 聚合體即可擁有高於一般聚合體試劑 (如 Polylysine、PEI) 的運送效率。
  • 可搭配 pLIVE® Vector 使用,使目標基因專一性地於肝臟中大量表現。



The TransIT®-QR Delivery Solution Minimizes the Loss of Cardiac Output Compared to Injections Performed Using Normal Saline. Mice were anesthetized, connected to an arterial blood pressure monitor and injected with either TransIT®-QR (red) or normal saline (gray) using the hydrodynamic tail vein injection procedure. The relative cardiac output was estimated by multiplying the heart rate by the pulse pressure (difference between systolic and diastolic pressures) and scaled to the pre-injection cardiac output.

TransIT®-QR Delivery Solution Effectively Delivers the Label IT® Cy™3 RNAi Delivery Control to Hepatocytes. The TransIT®-QR Delivery Solution was used to deliver 25 µg of Label IT® Cy™3 RNAi Delivery Control (red) to a mouse liver using hydrodynamic tail vein injection. Forty-five minutes post-injection, the liver was harvested, sections were fixed and counterstained for nuclei (blue) and actin (green). The image was acquired using a confocal microscope.



Product Pack Size Cat. No.
TransIT®-QR Delivery Solution* 40 injections MR-MIR5240
TransIT®-QR Starter Kit** 10 injections MR-MIR5210
pLIVE In Vivo Expression and Reporter Vectors
pLIVE Vector
20 µg MR-MIR5420
pLIVE Vector Complete System 20 µg of each (all 3 vectors) MR-MIR5320
pLIVE Vector/LacZ Control Vector Kit 20 µg of each vector MR-MIR5520
pLIVE Vector/SEAP Control Vector Kit 20 µg of each vector MR-MIR5620
*Certified RNase-, DNase-, and endotoxin-free.
**Components: TransIT®-QR® Delivery Solution、10 Needles、10 Syringes、10 Alcohol Swabs、Mouse Restraint Device.


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