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  • 適合各種 DNA / RNA oligo 使用,包含 S-oligo、LNA oligo、2'OMe RNA oligo 等…。
  • 兼具高運送效率與低細胞毒性的雙重優勢,適用細胞範圍廣泛,測試過細胞包含: CHO, COS-7, HeLa, HeLa-luc 705, MCF-7, NIH 3T3。



The TransIT®-Oligo Reagent Effectively Transfects a 2'OMe RNA Oligo that Blocks a Cryptic Splice Site. The HeLa-Luc 705 reporter cell line (Kang et al. 1998, 37:6235) used in this study contains a luciferase reporter construct that has the ß-globin 705 intron inserted into the luciferase ORF. A mutation present at position 705 of the ß-globin intron activates two cryptic splice sites within the intron that lead to the production of a spliced luciferase mRNA that is disrupted by a small intron with an in-frame stop codon, thus preventing translation of functional luciferase protein. The transfection of a 2'OMe oligonucleotide complementary to the cryptic 705 splice site inhibits splicing at the cryptic splice sites enabling the complete removal of the ß-globin intron and production of a mRNA with a complete, uninterrupted luciferase ORF. The HeLa-Luc 705 cell line was transfected with increasing amounts of the anti-705 splice site 2'OMe RNA oligo at the indicated final concentrations using the TransIT®-Oligo Transfection Reagent. The cells were harvested 24 hours post-transfection and assayed for luciferase activity. The increase in luciferase activity indicates effective delivery of the anti-705 splice site RNA oligo using the TransIT®-Oligo Reagent.



Product Pack Size Number of Transfections in 24-well Plate Cat. No.
TransIT®-Oligo Transfection Reagent 0.4 ml 132 MR-MIR2164
1.0 ml 330 MR-MIR2160
5 x 1.0 ml 1,650 MR-MIR2165
10 x 1.0 ml 3,300 MR-MIR2166


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