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友善列印LEXSY Eukaryotic Protein Expression System

由德商 Jena Bioscience 獨家開發的 LEXSY 蛋白質表現系統,完美克服了其他蛋白質表現系統的常見問題,例如包涵體 (inclusion body)、後修飾失真、表現量低、操作條件難以掌握等。

LEXSY 以單細胞原蟲為宿主,兼具真核生物系統以及大腸桿菌系統的優點,是您大量表現蛋白的最佳選擇!




Cultured Leishmania tarentolae cells expressing green fuorescent protein. L. tarentolae is a robust, unicellular,  agellated eukaryotic organism of circa 5 x 15 µm size. It was isolated from lizards Tarentolae annularis and Tarentolae mauritanica and has been cultivated in axenic culture over decades. It is not pathogenic to mammalians and is fully approved for use in biosafety level 1 laboratories (S1).

(A).LEXSY grows faster than insect and mammalian cells. (B).LEXSY strains grow higher densities than insect and mammalian cells (Fritsche et al. 2007).

LEXSY performs mammalian type of glycosylation (Breitling et al. 2002).



Product Cat. No.
LEXSYcon2.1 Expression Kit, for constitutive protein expression JB-EGE-1310
LEXSinduce3 Expression Kit, for inducible expression from integrative constructs JB-EGE-1410
LEXSinduce4 Expression Kit, for inducible expression from episomal constructs JB-EGE-1420
LEXSY in vitro Translation Kit, for plasmid based cell-free protein synthesis JB-EGE-2002-15
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