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友善列印ECM Select® Array Kit

  • 以 Array 形式將不同種 ECM condition 點在晶片上,提供實驗條件測試平台。
  • 使用顯微鏡即可觀察,便利性佳。
  • 每一個培養點的 ECM 成份皆為 fully defined,可完全複製培養條件。
  • 有 30 種及 36 種 condition 可以選擇,每種條件分別各有 4 重複及 9 重複。
  • 另有針對 Neuronal cells 提供 36 種 condition 測試平台。


Cells grow on selected ECM spots - Cells of interests are seeded onto the slide in a 4-chambered culturing plate (included) and allowed to be cultured in the incubator for desired amount of time. Cell morphology, attachment and growth can be visualized using a bright field microscope. Specific cellular behaviors can be monitored by staining the cells on the slide using specific fluorescence based marker. Fluorescence signal can be detected using fluorescence microscope imaging system.



Product Cat. No.
ECM Select® Array Kit Standard – 30 ABM-5075-1EA
ECM Select® Array Kit Ultra-36 ABM-5170-1EA
ECM Select® Array Kit Neuronal-36 ABM-5171-1EA


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