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友善列印DELFIA Cell Proliferation Kit

全新改版的「DELFIA Cell Proliferation Kit」採用新款的 Eu-labeled Anti-BrdU 抗體,不但訊號-背景比值增加為之前舊款產品的 3 倍以外,抗體也由原本的粉末狀改為更加方便使用的液態型式,讓產品性能與操作便利度同時向上提升!

The DELFIA Cell Proliferation assay strongly correlates with the 3H incorporation assay under all experimental conditions. Shown is the proliferative effect of PHA on human lymphocytes.
  • Sensitive – detect <100 cells after 2 hour BrdU incubation; 5-fold more sensitive than MTT colorimetric assay

  • Time-saving – shorter incubation times

  • Flexible – can be used for adherent or suspension cells, as well as for long-term incorporation studies

  • Convenient – stable fluorescent signal; longer product shelf-life than tritiated thymidine

  • Non-Radioactive


Assay Principle of DELFIA Cell Proliferation Kit - Cells are incubated with the non-radioactive pyrimidine analog BrdU to allow its incorporation into newly synthesized DNA in place of thymidine. Subsequently, Europium-labeled anti-BrdU antibodies are used to detect the level of BrdU incorporation via time-resolved fluorescence, a measurement used as an accurate indicator of cell proliferation.



Product Pack Size Cat. No.
DELFIA Cell Proliferation Kit 10 x 96 wells


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