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友善列印Chemilum de Lys HDAC/SIRT Chemiluminescent Drug Discovery Kit

  • 適用範圍廣泛:可用於偵測 Cell lysates, Nuclear extracts, Purified enzyme 之 HDAC 及 Sirtuin 酵素活性。
  • 操作方便簡單:相較於傳統步驟繁瑣的放射線標定方式,本產品僅需 2 個步驟即可完成實驗。
  • 專一性高:由 Enzo Life Sciences 專利研發之高專一性受質,可有效降低各類 Inhibitors, Lysis detergents 所造成之干擾現象,避免偽陽性與偽陰性的結果。


Comparison of Chemilum de Lys to other competitor HDAC/SIRT activity assays. Traditional luciferase- and fluorescence-based screening assays for HDAC and Sirtuin activity are susceptible to the generation of false negatives or positives resulting from the effects of compound(s) being screened on elements of the reporter system (see table).
Minimize interference from lysis detergents. The Chemilum de Lys™ assay was performed on Hela nuclear extract, no enzyme or 1.5 x 105 3T3 cells extracted with the 0.1% CHAPS. The HDAC reaction was carried out with 25 µM Chemilum de Lys™ substrate for 60 minutes at 37° followed by trypsin treatment.
Eliminate interference seen in Luciferase-based Assays. The compound, PTC124, is converted by luciferase in the presence of ATP to a high affinity multisubstrate adduct inhibitor, PTC124-AMP. PTC124 at concentrations greater than 1 µM inhibits the luciferase based assay, but has no effect on the Chemilum de Lys™ assay.


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Product Pack Size Cat. No.
Chemilum de Lys HDAC/SIRT Chemiluminescent Drug Discovery Kit 1 Kit (96 assays) BML-AK532-0001


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