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About Us

Accessing the 21st century, after the revolutionary growth of the I.T. industry, the global economic growth in the future may be lead by the revolution of the Biotechnology industry! Countries all over the world have got into the biotechnology industry aggressively and consider this as an emphasis-developing program!

In regards to this, to import the latest research tools and correlative technical products into Taiwan to improve its level of domestic life science studies has been a goal of Blossom Biotechnologies Inc. In addition, to transfer the technologies from domestic academic association then developing our own techniques and products into the international market will be our biggest goal in the near future!

Blossom Biotechnologies Inc. was established in July 1998. This company was comprised by a group of peers who are enthusiastic in working. Most of our colleagues are graduated from the domestic life sciences field, and all of them received a strict training education! They all possess active, enthusiastic, professional, and responsible spirits to their jobs!

Primarily, Blossom concentrates on introducing updated and high quality reagents to our clients. We always help users to choose suitable tools or products for their experiments. Therefore, our customers help us to improve ourselves in business ideas and quality of service. At this moment, we hope to develop our own products by transferring techniques from academic institutes. And we are now anticipating putting in the effort to make biotechnology industry of Taiwan flourish in the world stage after information technology.

As Biotechnology continues to expand, more and more elites are migrating toward this industry. Changes are destined to happen as no one will be able to predict what will happen in the future! Blossom Biotechnologies Inc. cherishes this opportunity to be able to grow with you and witness the evolution of history! With our passion, professionalism and responsibility, we take all comments and suggestions to heart. It is our pleasure to serve you in this crucial time of the Biotech industry and hope we can prosper together like the name of our company – BLOSSOM.

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